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Santa Cruz Beach and Vacation Rental Advice


When you are looking for an excellent vacation rental you have to take some things into consideration. Renting as opposed to vacation ownership can be very expensive especially in the Santa Cruz area. California in general is not exactly a bargain basement state. So here we will give you a little look at what it takes to rent here and what kind of amenities you can find.
What is on offer in Santa Cruz?
It’s a variety of places to choose from. This is a multi scenic county with the best beach views that you can partake of in several accommodation styles. You can enjoy a roomie yet homey condo or if there are too many of you—you can also enjoy a full single family home. Or maybe for yourself and one other—you can enjoy a cozy cottage. There is quite a bit of choice and a healthy price range but just remember that there is no such thing as cheap here so shop around and take your time to really check out what you need in a rental.
You can have a great view of the beach or if you are the more earthy type you can have a view of the redwoods. You can even go as far as living in one of the neighborhoods and living like a local. Not everyone likes the tourist atmosphere and you can guarantee that there is rarely a city or town—especially on the beach—that will call on to more tourists than you can imagine. However, this is an easy thing to avoid because the local neighborhoods in Santa Cruz are all centered around the best beaches and forests and nature that you can find. There is also some great shopping so whether you are a nature lover that wants the quiet or someone who likes to be near all the bars, clubs, restaurants and life—Santa Cruz has something to offer everyone.
Renting Nightly
When you look at the prices for Santa Cruz rentals you can get a better idea if you are going to go more long term. The prices on most rentals you are more apt to find will be nightly or monthly but they don’t really bargain up that much when you stay longer. The range is pretty big. Depending on size and budget, you can find accommodation for $675 to maybe a modest $250 a night. Cabins in the woods can run $125 per night which is the most economical you will get but quality is never sacrificed. If you are looking for corporate housing you can actually get better rates if you have a corporate account and are able to show that for most places you will get a deal although they are quite changeable so we couldn’t find an actual discount rate but this is one of the only ones that apply. The standard Triple A is not going to fly in most places in Santa Cruze.

Published: 02. 03. 2014 | Comments: 0